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Looking for some reviews? Welcome to the review page. Here you’ll find all of the reviews I’ve made.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: A Review

Released in 1999, The Phantom Menace would start of Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy. It would become one of Star Wars least popular movies in the franchise, with only a few saving graces. It’s my guilty pleasure Star Wars movie, and in honor of May being Star Wars month, I wanted to review for it.

Uncanny X-Men The Draco: Review

The Draco is considered one of, if not the most hated/controversial storylines. For the sake of a Nightcrawler story, I read it, and here’s my review

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Review

The third movie of the Bayformers series is Dark of the Moon. In this review I will be going over my thoughts on one of the more well received movies in this series.

Seven Sisters: A Review

The Seven Sisters series tells the tale of seven sisters looking to learn more about their past after the death of their adopted father Pa Salt. This is a review for the first book.


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