Looking for some reviews? Welcome to the review page. Here you’ll find all of the reviews I’ve made.

Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail: A Review

The second book of Ashley Herring Blake’s Bright Falls series, Astrid Parker Doesn’t Care picks up not too long after the first book. This is my review for it.

Nightcrawler 2004: A Review

The first of two twelve issue solos for X-Men’s fuzzy blue mutant, Nightcrawler 2004 tells a story about Nightcrawler as he takes a gruesome case in a hospital, reconnects with his adopted family, and faces off against supernatural enemies. This is my review for it.

Cry Wolf: A Review

My guilty pleasure series, Cry Wolf is the first book in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega urban fantasy series. It’s also the book I’ve read the most. This is my review.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The fourth movie in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise, Age of Extinction tried a few new things. This is my review for it.

Almost There by Farrah Rochon: A Review

The thirteenth book in the Twisted Tales series, Almost There asks, What if Tiana Made a Deal that Changed Everything? I recently finished the book and this is my review for it.

Sandman (2022): A Review

With Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman dropping earlier this month , which I have caught up on, I thought I would review it.

The Missing Sister: A Review

The seventh book in Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters series attempts to answer the overarching question from the very beginning. Who was the missing sister that Pa Salt never found? This is my review for it.

Sun Sister: A Review

The sixth book in Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters series focuses on Electra. And while not my favorite book of the series, this is my review.

Moon Sister: A Review

My review of the fifth book of the Seven Sister series. Moon Sister tells the story of Tiggy and her family history.

Bravely by Maggie Stiefvater: A Review

Continuing after the events of Pixar’s Brave, Bravely sends the fiery princess on an all new adventure. One Princess. Two Gods. Three Voyages. Four Seasons. Merida is given one year to make productive changes in the kingdom or else DunBroch will fall into chaos and destruction. This is my review.


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