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Legend of Adaptations: How to Adapt Legend of Zelda

One of Nintendo’s staple game franchises, The Legend of Zelda is an expansive series. And while adapting it could be a challenge, especially with the history of video game adaptations, it could be adapted well. Join me in this little sereis where I break down how they could adapt Legend of Zelda and how they could adapt each game in the series.

My Hopes/Expectations For Netflix’s Sandman Adaptation

What if I told you I only recently got into Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series? Much like Watchmen, Sandman was a series I always know about, but never got into it when I was younger. It wasn’t until I finally started getting into graphic novels/comics and after I was given a recommendation that I checked out … Continue reading My Hopes/Expectations For Netflix’s Sandman Adaptation

Nightcrawler: Where it Started, Why I Like Him, and Comics I Own and Have Read

It might go without saying, but Nightcrawler is my favorite Marvel character.  In my experience, I will find that one character that I really get invested in and want to read up on.  When it comes to DC, that comes in the form of Tim Drake (Red Robin/Robin III), Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal), Joey Wilson (Jericho), … Continue reading Nightcrawler: Where it Started, Why I Like Him, and Comics I Own and Have Read

Recommended Reads for Pride Month

With how big my yearly reading goals on Goodreads, I will occasionally do particular theme or topic for an entire month.  For instance, in March, most of the books I might read may involve Ireland in some way, since St. Patrick’s Day is on the seventeenth.  Or for May, a number of the books I … Continue reading Recommended Reads for Pride Month

When Genres Compel Me: Five Books I Enjoyed From Genres I Don’t Normally Read

Everyone has genres they don’t particularly read. Whether it doesn’t appeal to them or whatever the reason may be. Even I have genres I don’t normally read. However, there is always a chance that readers may find one book that they enjoy from a genre that they don’t. Here are five books of mine.

Could Maul Have PTSD: A Star Wars Speculation

Could Darth Maul have PTSD? Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters to come out of the Star Wars franchise. A while back, I couldn’t help but wonder if he could have PTSD based on factors in his life. So I thought why not make a discussion about it.

Peter Gordon, Trauma, and Psychology: The Power of the Dog Introspective

Whenever you read a book or watch something, how a character is interpreted can vary. Peter Gordon, one of the main characters of the novel and movie The Power of the Dog, has a few ways he can be interpreted. Today, I would like to dissect his psychology and what kind of trauma he may have had.

Alpha and Omega: A Guilty Pleasure Read and Why I Prefer This Series to Mercy Thompson

Guilty pleasure books are fun reads. They don’t have to be necessarily be bad books to be guilty pleasures, just ones that might not be popular, a subgenre, and/or maybe not as good as it could be. My guilty pleasure is an Urban Fantasy series by Patricia Briggs. The Alpha and Omega series. Here’s why I enjoy it more than the concurrent series, the Mercy Thompson series.

Logan and Kurt Wagner’s Friendship: Why it Works and Why it’s Important

When it comes to friendships, none may seem as odd as Wolverine and Nightcrawler’s on face value. Yet, this friendship cares a weight to it and has significance. In an attempt to appreciate and bring attention to thus friendship, I go over what I consider what makes it so impactful.

Kurt Wagner: Irony at its Finest

What is irony? One of the most difficult literary tools to define and give example of, I will use the character Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler to hopefully explain it in an easy to understand way.


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