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If you want in depth discussions on characters, storylines, or other non-review posts, this page will hopefully provide some insight.

A Series of Rereads: Book Series I Plan to Reread

Some books are worth a reread. And sometimes those books happen to fall into a series. While I have reread through a handful of series already, here are four series I would like to reread.

Most Anticipated Books for 2023

2023 will bring an array of new releases. And though I may find a few more that will surprise me or interest me, these are the books I’m currently anticipating for the year.

5 Eccentricities I Have as a Reader

As an avid reader, I have noticed a few things about myself relating to what I read and books in general. These are five eccentricities I have when it comes to reading and books in general.

The Power of the Dog: The Book vs The Movie

With the movie being about a year old now, I thought I would discuss what it kept from the book and what differences there were between the book and the Netflix adaptation.

My Hopes/Expectations For Netflix’s Sandman Adaptation

What if I told you I only recently got into Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series? Much like Watchmen, Sandman was a series I always know about, but never got into it when I was younger. It wasn’t until I finally started getting into graphic novels/comics and after I was given a recommendation that I checked out…

Nightcrawler: Where it Started, Why I Like Him, and Comics I Own and Have Read

It might go without saying, but Nightcrawler is my favorite Marvel character.  In my experience, I will find that one character that I really get invested in and want to read up on.  When it comes to DC, that comes in the form of Tim Drake (Red Robin/Robin III), Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal), Joey Wilson (Jericho),…


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