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Welcome. Here you will find posts about Marvel and DC. I grew up with a little bit of both. And though I am a little partial to DC, I do enjoy Marvel. Especially X-Men.

Sandman (2022): A Review

With Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman dropping earlier this month , which I have caught up on, I thought I would review it.

My Hopes/Expectations For Netflix’s Sandman Adaptation

What if I told you I only recently got into Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series? Much like Watchmen, Sandman was a series I always know about, but never got into it when I was younger. It wasn’t until I finally started getting into graphic novels/comics and after I was given a recommendation that I checked out … Continue reading My Hopes/Expectations For Netflix’s Sandman Adaptation

Teen Titans (2003) vs The Judas Contract (2017): Teen Titans Most Divisive Arc and How the Animated Series Did it Better.

The Judas Contract is one of Teen Titans more infamous arcs. It has been adapted at least three times with the more notable being in the 2003 Teen Titans animated series and the 2017 animated movie adaptation. While both are different, and have different target audiences, I go over why I think Teen Titans adapted it better.

Nightcrawler: Where it Started, Why I Like Him, and Comics I Own and Have Read

It might go without saying, but Nightcrawler is my favorite Marvel character.  In my experience, I will find that one character that I really get invested in and want to read up on.  When it comes to DC, that comes in the form of Tim Drake (Red Robin/Robin III), Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal), Joey Wilson (Jericho), … Continue reading Nightcrawler: Where it Started, Why I Like Him, and Comics I Own and Have Read

Logan and Kurt Wagner’s Friendship: Why it Works and Why it’s Important

When it comes to friendships, none may seem as odd as Wolverine and Nightcrawler’s on face value. Yet, this friendship cares a weight to it and has significance. In an attempt to appreciate and bring attention to thus friendship, I go over what I consider what makes it so impactful.

Kurt Wagner: Irony at its Finest

What is irony? One of the most difficult literary tools to define and give example of, I will use the character Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler to hopefully explain it in an easy to understand way.

An Introspective in Controversy: Uncanny X-Men The Draco

Alongside a review, I decided to do a little introspective on Uncanny X-Men The Draco. I explain the controversy, an unpopular opinion of mine, and my thoughts and if its aged well.

Uncanny X-Men The Draco: Review

The Draco is considered one of, if not the most hated/controversial storylines. For the sake of a Nightcrawler story, I read it, and here’s my review

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Review

This was a book suggested to me by a friend. While looking for a book to review, this was one that sounded pretty interesting. Admittedly, I am not the most savvy or invested in Fortnite. It is a game that I never really got acquainted with, nor had much interest in. However, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point … Continue reading Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Review

A Review of Red Robin

Tim Drake. Robin III. Red Robin.

Red Robin (2009-2011) is a Tim Drake solo series that is an enjoyable read and today I will be reviewing it.

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