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Cry Wolf: A Review

My guilty pleasure series, Cry Wolf is the first book in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega urban fantasy series. It’s also the book I’ve read the most. This is my review.

The Power of the Dog: The Book vs The Movie

With the movie being about a year old now, I thought I would discuss what it kept from the book and what differences there were between the book and the Netflix adaptation.

Almost There by Farrah Rochon: A Review

The thirteenth book in the Twisted Tales series, Almost There asks, What if Tiana Made a Deal that Changed Everything? I recently finished the book and this is my review for it.

Atlas the Story of Pa Salt, the Final Book of The Seven Sisters Series: My Hopes and Expectations.

With the eighth and presumably final book being released in 2023, here are some things I am hoping for for Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt.

The Missing Sister: A Review

The seventh book in Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters series attempts to answer the overarching question from the very beginning. Who was the missing sister that Pa Salt never found? This is my review for it.

Sun Sister: A Review

The sixth book in Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters series focuses on Electra. And while not my favorite book of the series, this is my review.

Moon Sister: A Review

My review of the fifth book of the Seven Sister series. Moon Sister tells the story of Tiggy and her family history.

Bravely by Maggie Stiefvater: A Review

Continuing after the events of Pixar’s Brave, Bravely sends the fiery princess on an all new adventure. One Princess. Two Gods. Three Voyages. Four Seasons. Merida is given one year to make productive changes in the kingdom or else DunBroch will fall into chaos and destruction. This is my review.

Pearl Sister: A Review

Book Four of the Seven Sisters series, Pearl Sister, tells the story of CeCe, the creative but uncertain fourth sister. As she follows the lead that Pa Salt left her after his passing, she goes on a journey of self-discovery that brings her to Thailand and Australia.

Meanwhile, a hundred years earlier, Kitty McBride is adjusting to life in Australia. As she gets involved with twins of a wealthy family that works in the pearl industry.

This is my review for Pearl Sister.

Reflection: A Twisted Tale

What if Mulan Had to Travel to the Underworld? That is the premise that follows this twisted tale based on the 1998 Disney animated feature, Mulan. This is my review.

Shadow Sister: A Review

Book three of Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sister series follows the story of the third daughter of the D’Aplièse family, Asterope aka Star, as well as the story of Flora MacNichols. This is my little review.

June in Review: LGBTQ+ Books

With June coming to a close, I thought I would go over books that I have read this month.  If you have read my post at the beginning of the month, which you can find here: you’ll know that I recommended some LGBTQ+ centered books.  In it, I mentioned how every so often I will … Continue reading June in Review: LGBTQ+ Books

When Genres Compel Me: Five Books I Enjoyed From Genres I Don’t Normally Read

Everyone has genres they don’t particularly read. Whether it doesn’t appeal to them or whatever the reason may be. Even I have genres I don’t normally read. However, there is always a chance that readers may find one book that they enjoy from a genre that they don’t. Here are five books of mine.

Alpha and Omega: A Guilty Pleasure Read and Why I Prefer This Series to Mercy Thompson

Guilty pleasure books are fun reads. They don’t have to be necessarily be bad books to be guilty pleasures, just ones that might not be popular, a subgenre, and/or maybe not as good as it could be. My guilty pleasure is an Urban Fantasy series by Patricia Briggs. The Alpha and Omega series. Here’s why I enjoy it more than the concurrent series, the Mercy Thompson series.

Storm Sister: A Review

A review for The Seven Sisters second book, Storm Sister.

Uncanny X-Men The Draco: Review

The Draco is considered one of, if not the most hated/controversial storylines. For the sake of a Nightcrawler story, I read it, and here’s my review

Seven Sisters: A Review

The Seven Sisters series tells the tale of seven sisters looking to learn more about their past after the death of their adopted father Pa Salt. This is a review for the first book.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Review

This was a book suggested to me by a friend. While looking for a book to review, this was one that sounded pretty interesting. Admittedly, I am not the most savvy or invested in Fortnite. It is a game that I never really got acquainted with, nor had much interest in. However, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point … Continue reading Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Review

A Review of Red Robin

Tim Drake. Robin III. Red Robin.

Red Robin (2009-2011) is a Tim Drake solo series that is an enjoyable read and today I will be reviewing it.



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