The Little Library

A place to discuss recommendations and reviews for books, movies, and the like. Discussions may also be provided. And if your into the more fandom side of things, you will be treated to at least one fandom oriented discussion a month. Hop on over to the Discussion Board to find everything you’d like to read.


The goal for this blog is to have a couple posts a month, be it reviews, discussions, recommendations, or lists. I also may do posts that may fall into a larger scaled recommendation or character/story breakdowns.

If you’d like more comic, video game or fandom posts, I do have a secondary blog http://fandomowl.com

About Me

I love to read and write. While fantasy and historical fiction are my big novel areas, I do enjoy graphic novels and the occasional nonfiction. I wanted to make this site so that people who are looking for a place for reviews, recommendations and discussions (book based and fandom alike) can gather. Working at a library certainly helps out with my creative process as well as giving me plenty of books and movies to check out. Check out the Discussion Board for blogs.

Enjoy Your Stay. Feel free to check out The Achieve for uniquely varying blogs.

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